2013 Spring Fraudnet Report 


FraudNet, the world’s leading asset recovery legal network ranked by Chambers & Partners, is a global network of lawyers specialized in asset tracing and recovery. FraudNet provides victims of fraud with the possibility of retaining the best asset recovery professionals in the targeted jurisdictions and access to an international rapid deployment force to recover their stolen assets.

Joe Wielebinski is an expert in cases involving domestic and international fraud, financial crimes and asset recovery. Joe, first Executive Director of FraudNet (2010-2012), is featured in the inaugural issue, the 2013 Spring FraudNet Report; a newsletter about fraud and global asset recovery.

From Ponzi Schemes to the Libor Scandal, to Lance Armstrong: Pervasive Fraud Takes Its Toll. Joe discusses the global reach and extensive experience FraudNet presents, along with the significance for an organization to implement strategies to quickly achieve and recover a more positive outcome for victims involved in such cases.

Joe’s feature, along with the full 2013 Spring FraudNet report is available to view, here.