COVID Conversations Video Series

Apr 15, 2020

About the COVID Conversation Series: Munsch Hardt attorneys are talking with business leaders in various industries to learn about how they are managing through the novel coronavirus pandemic. To view the full series, check out the videos below or click here.

COVID Conversation with CitySquare Executives – Larry James (Chief Executive Officer) and Dr. John Siburt (President / COO) & Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb

In this first segment, Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb talks to Larry James and John Siburt of CitySquare regarding the effect the pandemic has had on providing social services to social and economically disadvantaged communities. As a first responder in these communities, CitySquare is on the front lines working with existing clients and a surge of new clients. As John so aptly puts, “there are some awakening about how many people were already in crisis and may be poverty was as big as a crisis as COVID-19 and we just didn’t see it.”

If you would like to help, please visit CitySquare.com for more information. #COVID #COVIDConvo

COVID Conversation with Munsch Hardt CEO Phil Appenzeller & Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb


In this segment, Munsch Hardt CEO Phil Appenzeller talked to Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb about the firm’s response to the pandemic, how the move to virtual practice has and will change controversy and transactional practices, and how law firms will react to the economic crisis.

To learn more about how Munsch is helping to respond to the pandemic, please visit our COVID-19 Business Response Team Page.

COVID Conversation with Munsch Hardt Zoning + Land Use Chair Angela Hunt & Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb talks to Land Use and Zoning Chair, Angela Hunt, about how cities and counties in North Texas are responding to the pandemic, a possible silver lining in streamlining the development process in Dallas, and the potential effect (or non-effect) the pandemic will have on decisions related to density.

To learn more about Angela and Munsch Hardt’s zoning practice, please visit munsch.com.

COVID Conversation with Matthews Southwest Executives & Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb talks to the Matthews Southwest team about how the pandemic has impacted all sectors of the real estate market and the belief that this could be the time for big government and the private sector to come together. Also, take Jack’s advice – be extra nice to your spouse as you shelter in place!

For more information about Matthews Southwest, please visit www.matthewssouthwest.com.

COVID Conversation with North Texas Food Bank CEO Trisha Cunningham and Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb spoke with Trisha Cunningham, the CEO of the North Texas Food Bank, about the how they have adapted to the growing need and logistical challenges of providing food during the pandemic.  It is incredibly impressive how NTFB has partnered with Community Foundation of Texas to provide work for laid-off hospitality workers and employed the Texas National Guard to help efficiently deliver food to pantries around North Texas in a “no-touch” environment.  Federal programs (TANF, SNAP, etc.) are critical to NTFB’s mission and it was good to hear about the continuing support our federal legislators are giving to all food banks throughout Texas in this critical time period and how these programs could be modified to help provide necessary relief.

If you need food assistance or are able to donate and/or volunteer, please visit www.ntfb.org.

COVID Conversation with Bob Voelker, General Counsel/VP of Streetlights Residential, and Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb spoke with former shareholder and current General Counsel/VP of StreetLights Residential, Bob Voelker, about how the multifamily market will rebound, the challenge to mixed-use projects with depressed demand for retail, office, and hospitality, and how social distancing may increase demand for apartment living.

For more information about Bob, find him on Twitter @TXUrbanMixedUse and his blog posts at Dfw REimagined.

For more information about StreetLights Residential, visit their website at Streetlightsres.com

COVID Conversation with Twain Financial Director of Strategic Initiatives, David Taylor & Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb spoke with David Taylor, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at Twain Financial (who is sheltering in place on a farm and lake in Missouri – how cool is that?) about how Twain is managing with remote work and how they are providing alternative sources of capital to distressed projects in the form of retroactive PACE loans and ground lease capital.  

To learn more, visit twainfinancial.com.

COVID Conversation-Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic CEO Leonor Marquez and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Davis & Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phill Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb spoke with Leonor Marquez, CEO, and Dr. Sharon Davis, Chief Medical Officer, about how Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic has responded to the pandemic in West Dallas.  

One interesting piece of information: the shelter-in-place order may have scared COVID-19 patients to stay at home, so Los Barrios has had to accelerate their tele-health initiatives and is preparing for a potential rebound of the virus next flu season.  

The pandemic is changing how healthcare is delivered and at some point, will also need to change healthcare infrastructure and how it is paid for.  

For more information about Los Barrios, please visit losbarriosunidos.org.

COVID Conversation with Trinity Park Conservancy Interim President Walter Elcock & Munsch Hardt Shareholder Phil Geheb


Real Estate Shareholder Phill Geheb speaks with Trinity Park Conservancy Interim President, Walter Elcock about plans for Harold Simmons Park, the importance of forging new health conscious partnerships, and how the Conservancy is approaching neighborhoods as the Park becomes a reality.  

Please visit trinityparkconservancy.org for more information.