Vaccine Administration to Employees, Residents, and Others in the Long Term Care Context

Dec 15, 2020
American Health Law Association

Houston Shareholder Daniel Sternthal moderates an educational call for the American Health Law Association on Tuesday, December 15th. This presentation, entitled, "Vaccine Administration to Employees, Residents, and Others in the Long Term Care Context", will cover the following topics:

Overview: With reports of the first vaccine administered in the West today and an expectation that in the US front line health care workers and the most vulnerable populations such as the elderly will be first in line to receive the vaccine, long term care providers are working quickly to understand their rights and obligations related to implementing vaccination programs. 

Providers are asking: if they can require their employees to get vaccinated; what obligations can these providers impose on third party providers who work in their buildings; should all residents be administered the vaccine; do policies need to differ depending on the level of care; what financial assistance is available in terms of administering a vaccination program; and if their liability risks that need to be considered. 

Join us for what will be one of the first large scale discussions regarding this topic and hear about the current state of the laws as well as what providers across the country are doing to prepare for what many believe to be the next phase of COVID related care matters.

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