Corporate Account Takeovers; Managing Relationships Between Third-Party Senders & ODFIs

Apr 21, 2013
37th Annual NACHA Conference, Payments 2013

Jeff Dunn and Matt Holley spoke to attendees at the 37th Annual NACHA Payments Conference held in San Diego, California, April 21-24, 2013. The NACHA Payments Conference is the nation’s premier annual conference on electronic payments. Jeff spoke to an audience of financial institution, corporate, government and technology industry leaders regarding two current topics pertaining to electronic payments law: liability allocation when corporate deposit account takeover fraud occurs, and legal considerations in the relationship between third-party senders and their originating depository financial institutions when payments are initiated into the Automated Clearing House Network. The session on corporate deposit account takeover fraud was presented with John Curtis, Vice President of Western Payments Alliance, and the session on third-party senders was presented with John Curtis and Jeff Gonzales, Director Agent/ISO Development with Century Payments.