Press Release

Munsch Hardt Leads the Way with Kanarys By Signing-On As Early Adopter

Jul 31, 2019
Law firm aims to move the needle on inclusion through new, innovative and collaborative diversity platform

(DALLAS) Kanarys, Inc., a Texas-based, data-driven technology platform that aims to foster collaboration between companies and employees on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), publicly launched its website on Thursday, July 25, 2019. In December 2018, Munsch Hardt became not only the first law firm to partner with the new diversity platform, but the first official early adopter.

“Being deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, Munsch Hardt was excited to sign on to the Kanarys’ platform as a founding partner,” stated Nolan C. Knight, Co-Chair of the Firm’s Diversity Committee. “By giving our employees the ability to provide anonymous reviews and participate in a number of surveys, Kanarys’ data-driven platform offers custom tools and analysis that enable our leadership team to track DEI performance, directly address employee concerns and ultimately build a more innovative and inclusive workplace for all our employees.”

Through anonymous data aggregation, employee surveys and employee comments, Kanarys platform helps companies track and measure their performance on DEI metrics, underrepresented populations and other cultural issues. Customized reporting features for each of the various categories are available via a company-specific dashboard for corporate partners only. Such information helps leaders make informed decisions about how to address and improve upon DEI efforts within their own organizations.

The platform currently offers profiles for more than 300 organizations across the United States, not all of which are formal Kanarys partners. However, verified employees for any of these companies can leave comments and rate their current or past employers’ DEI efforts. This vast network enables companies focused on DEI, like Munsch Hardt, to benchmark and compare itself against competitors, as well as companies in other industries, to identify best practices.

In addition to implementing the Kanarys platform, Munsch Hardt maintains strong diversity initiatives through its Diversity Committee and Women’s Initiative Group. Both groups are committed to creating equal opportunities for all attorneys and staff members throughout the Firm.

Munsch Hardt was proud to be a part of Kanarys public launch in July 2019. Please visit to learn more about this new technology-based platform.