The Litigation Psychology Podcast – From Law Enforcement to Attorney

Aug 30, 2021
Courtroom Sciences Inc.

Houston Shareholder Justin Ratley is a guest on an episode of the Litigation Psychology Podcast, where he speaks about his background in law enforcement prior to attending law school and how it has shaped his legal career.

Summary: Justin Ratley, Attorney with Munsch Hardt in Houston, TX, joins the podcast to talk about his background in military intelligence and federal law enforcement prior to going to law school to become an attorney. Justin discusses with Dr. Steve Wood how his experience in law enforcement has influenced his work as an attorney, including how he approaches interviewing witnesses at deposition and how it's different than his experience in an interrogation room. Justin shares what he learned in his transition from law enforcement to a practicing attorney and how he brings extra value in his work with his clients, which include industrial companies, such as oil & gas, as well as insurance. Lastly, Justin gives his advice for younger attorneys in preparing for deposition.

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