• Contract Counsel

    Drafted the product limited warranty, arbitration agreement and class action waiver used by one of the largest mobile communications companies in the

  • Litigation Counsel

    Represented one of largest transportation services companies in the U.S. in litigation involving warranties in global data center services agreement.


Why We're Different

In many instances, the role of a Munsch Hardt attorney is not that of a dispute resolver, but the crafter of significant contract rights and protections. A properly drafted and communicated product or services limited warranty is an important marketing and legal tool.

Munsch Hardt has drafted and provided ongoing advice regarding warranties for national and international manufacturing and distribution companies. Current clients of the firm include leaders in mobile communication devices, automobiles, busing services, construction equipment, industrial products and a variety of other consumer products.

Companies understandably focus most of their attention on product development, manufacturing, sales and distribution. Consequently, warranties often receive little attention. Many large, sophisticated companies use outdated warranty documents that are not only inadequate from a marketing standpoint, but non-compliant with applicable warranty laws and regulations. When clients turn to Munsch Hardt for warranty assistance, our attorneys advise them regarding the complexities and potential traps of warranty law as well as potential value-added warranty provisions, such as mandatory arbitration and class action waiver provisions. 

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that warranty claims and issues occasionally lead to litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in crafting business-savvy litigation solutions and, when such solutions are not possible, successfully protecting our clients’ interests in courts and before arbitration tribunals.