• Hotel + Condo Development

    Represented a developer in the development of a $75 MM boutique hotel, residential condominium and parking garage in the Magnolia District of Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Mixed-Use + Condo Financing

    Represented a privately held real estate lender, and its affiliates, in connection with a mixed-use property (including a luxury condominium) in Florida.



Leveraging experience spanning more than three decades, our attorneys handle all ranges of issues concerning condominium development and owners’ associations.  We have seamlessly coordinated a significant number of large-scale condominium projects, including projects involving multiple commercial, residential and condominium hotel units within the same property.

We find that our involvement up front in the strategic planning for the creation of a new condominium regime enables us to identify and propose solutions for all types of legal and development issues that may arise in this specialized area of real estate development. Our scope of work is expanded beyond the typical real estate development project. Accordingly, our attorneys work in tandem with developers, owners, operators, licensors, investors and lenders in the day-to-day strategic planning for condominium developments.

Whether clients are looking to convert existing buildings into condominiums, redevelop a historic building into condominiums, reposition or acquire a distressed condominium, or develop new construction condo-hotels, commercial condos or mixed-use properties abroad, our attorneys will collaborate with architects, engineers, selling agents, surveyors, title companies and managing agents to construct, market and sell the units, as well as, to ensure that each and every aspect of the offering is meticulously and accurately set forth.

Upon transition, we have extensive experience with assisting the condomium association with a myriad of issues, including attendance at board or owner meetings, document review and interpretation, document amendment, drafting or revising association policies, rules, or regulations, building or facilities renovation, and easement, license, title, or other real property issues affected by government or agency regulations. In addition, we assist associations with maintaining their facilities and continued financial well-being through enforcement and collection procedures and proceedings.

Much of our condominium work occurs as part of our team’s active involvement in various aspects of mixed-use projects. Because of this particular experience, we are accustomed to using the condominium structure to successfully separate out the ownership of the retail, office, multifamily, etc. components. Our team also works to create innovative arrangements specifically for shared property interests, ranging from mixed-up developments to individual condominiums for sale. By entrusting some of their most complex projects to Munsch Hardt, our clients experience a smooth closing process on an extremely expedited basis.