Traditional Labor Law


  • Transportation Representation

    Represented an aviation and aerospace company in the strategic planning and negotiations for the consolidation of four jet engine overhaul facilities, as well as the decision and effects bargaining with two

  • Technology Representation

    Represented technology companies in their collective bargaining negotiations and contract administration when acquiring and operating non-union facilities in the same geographic area of unionized facilities.



Traditional Labor Law practices are rare these days, even among large law firms. Munsch Hardt is an exception to the rule. Our full-service Labor & Employment practice offers a breadth of labor law experience extending from battling union organizational attempts to handling unfair labor practice cases before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to negotiating renewal contracts. It is these situations clients need a labor lawyer who can give advice in the moment, not one who is learning labor laws and regulations on the go.

We also advise on important labor issues that arise in corporate transactions, plant shutdowns and relocations and reductions in force. Our experience runs from the outset to the ending of traditional labor-management relations.