Corporate Structuring


  • Offshore Tax Counsel

    Provided advice to a taxpayer in determining tax reporting responsibilities and implementing a business reorganization plan to simplify U.S. tax reporting issues for an offshore business enterprise

  • Energy Deal of the Year

    Represented the selling shareholder in the sale of an Oklahoma-based provider of oil and gas equipment and services organized as an ‘S’ corporation to a private equity firm. Transaction involved a pre-



For more than 30 years, Munsch Hardt has helped growing companies increase their viability and profitability through well-executed corporate structurngs. Such structurings are necessary when a company encounters a change in ownership, be it external acquisitions, stock-for-stock exchanges, bankruptcy filings, revenue sharing or a fall-out between partners. At the onset of this process, our attorneys will strive to minimize disruptions while spearheading the following changes:

  • Modifying or creating shareholder agreements
  • Reorganizing the board of directors
  • Re-envisioning the corporate mission
  • Effectuating buy-ins or buyouts
  • Shifting control
  • Restructuring governance and/or operation plans

Our Corporate Structuring practice comprises interdisciplinary teams of corporate, employment, intellectual property and commercial practitioners who undertake pre-transaction planning, spinoffs, supply chain reorganizations, fiscal efficiency projects and post-acquisition integrations. We also concentrate on minimizing tax-deferred consequences of the transition and the proper alignment of tax attributes (earning and profits accounts, carryover or stepped-up tax bases in assets) to the appropriate parties.

Regardless of why our clients need structuring, what industry sector they are in or the tools they will require, our business-minded attorneys help our clients understand all available legal options. Furthermore, our knowledgeable team help our clients make a wise, informed decision from those options. We deliver this level of service because we commit ourselves to providing clients with legal guidance tailored to their unique circumstances and goals.